Resident Projects


A revolutionary online education engagement platform that allows a single teacher to effectively instruct thousands of students in real-time without sacrificing quality of instruction.





Interactive Virtual Incident Simulator

Fairfax County Fire Department and alumni-lead Little Arms Studios team up to make a fire training simulator!





Professions Quest staff will develop and publish virtual, interprofessional and interactive multiplayer learning solutions targeted toward health professions education institutions and health professions students. Professions Quest’s products and services represent a unique vehicle for interprofessional education – and will deliver increased interaction, collaboration and knowledge among the health professions and health professions students.

SquadLeader_editSquad Leader

Software that makes robots work in true self-organizing teams beyond swarming.  Software that makes machine decisions trustworthy through KEEL  technology and STR in-house developed artificial intelligence.  Software that integrates human control through gesture, voice, cellphone, PC or other control mechanisms to give humans instant control of the entire team of machines.


Crazy Cats

Explore the world of DNA with Crazy Cats!  Targeted for ages 4 and up, this game is a fun way to introduce kids to genetics.  Players roll dice to determine the types of genes of their cats and then draw corresponding physical features (body, head, whiskers, superpowers, etc.).  Younger kids love drawing crazy features for their cats!  The craziest cat wins!




Angel Craze

Angel Craze is a slide and match puzzle game where every player wins AngelGram e-stickers to send and share with friends!




Grab the Goodies!

Grab the Goodies is an educational app developed by and the George Mason University’s Simulation and Games Institute and it is a component of our Ask Listen Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix program.






Influenced is a simulation/management game in which the player uses the tools present in the modern American city to combat the influence of gangs. The player can use a variety of institutions and community interactions, such as a school, city headquarters, or a library which in turn has an impace on the influence over the citizens of the community. The goal of the projects was to make a gang education game for the Office of the Attorney General of Virginia.



New Kid on the Block

New Kid on the Block is a choose your own adventure game that seeks to educate kids on the dangers of gangs while also showing them the importance of their own decisions. Throughout the story, the player will take on the role of the new kid at school and will make choices that effect the people around them. Through their actions the player can help each character overcome their issues and steer them away from destructive behavior.