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MGTA Virtual Academy Enroll in our live Virtual Academy and take classes from anywhere with our revolutionary cloud-based mobile education platform Scriyb! Scriyb is the virtual classroom that is transforming on-line education. MGTA-Scriyb courses are live (streaming) and capture the Energy and Magic of a live classroom, along with the peer to peer social learning that makes on-line learning like playing a game, and so much fun! Students are able to interact with instructors as they deliver courses in real-time, and they are able to chat with each other, share ideas, and even collaborate on projects with ease. To learn more about Scriyb social learning platform:

Understanding Machine-Learning and Deep-Learning Artificial Intelligence

The application of Machine-Learning models has been deemed the 4th Industrial Revolution, as it has transformed markets and industries across the globe. This course begins by providing an overview of the brief history of Artificial Intelligence (AI), along with course topics including basic human cognitive science, neural networks, an overview of types of machine-learning models, and an introduction to the design and application of deep-learning algorithms.

This course will also discuss and demonstrate Deep Academic Learning Intelligence (DALI), one of the teacher’s inventions that applies machine-learning models to teaching & learning. Students will be able to customize DALI variables and train their own machine-learning models to provide example AI-driven student academic advising and counseling advice.

Ages:  15 and up
Time:  9:00AM-4:00PM
Tuition: $650
Location:  Virtual Academy (Online, from anywhere!)
Pre-Requisites: Students should have some programming experience (python or Java strongly recommended)
Dates Offered: Week Four – July 16-July 20 – VIRTUAL ACADEMY

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