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If you have a newly formed startup company targeted toward the game technology or simulation markets, submit your 2018 Residence Application.

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Phase 1

VSGI Executive Advisory Board and Residency Application Sub-Committee Review


Phase 2

VSGI Executive Advisory Board Full Review

Phase 3

Notification of Application Results

Final Phase

Move in date



Approximately 5-6 new startups will be chosen for Residency

If accepted for Residency, VSGI Startups receive:

  • 100-125 sq. ft. office
  • Office Furniture
  • Dual Screen Computers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Business Plan, Product Development, Technical, and Legal IP Mentoring
  • Server Space
  • Client Service Concierge
  • Free Parking for Startup employees and clients
  • Access to Two Shared Conference Rooms with Smart board and Video Conferencing
  • Kitchenette
  • Access to a Talented pipeline of Interns and Employees

Questions? Contact Dr. Scott Martin, or James Casey,

Residency Business Terms Agreement

your start-up has been selected to reside in the VSGI, you and your company must agree to the following milestones. Failure to reach the following milestones may result in the termination of your residency. Prior to move-in, every company should have an IRS and State Tax ID, as well as proof of corporate insurance (see Residency MOU).

Q1 Milestones (starting first day of residency):

  • Business Plan Development Complete (including business model, market analysis, competitive analysis, pricing models, marketing strategy, and client acquisition plan).
  • Pro Forma Financial Projections and Assumptions Complete
  • Alpha Stage of Product or Services Complete

Q2 Milestones

  • Partnership Acquisition Plan Complete
  • Beta Stage of Product or Services Complete
  • Marketing Collateral and Media Management Plan Complete
  • Management Plan Complete
  • Sales Plan Complete
  • Draft IP (Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks) Complete

Q3 Milestones

  • Secure IP
  • Secure Start-Up Funding (no determined amount)
  • Secure Bank, Accountants, and Legal Council
  • Products or Services QA Testing
  • Launch Marketing and Media Campaigns
  • Establish Back-end Product or Services and Company Support

Q4 Milestones

  • Launch Product(s) or Services
  • Established Proof of Concept Revenue
  • Established Partnership Agreements
  • Establish Back-end Product or Services Support

VSGI Mission: To support translational applied-research in the areas of Simulation, Modeling, and Game Design, rapid prototype development, high-value knowledge job creation, and regional economic development through start-up incubation, spin out company formation, licensing, and commercialization.