Next Gen Virtual Reality Minecraft Modding: Three Levels of Challenge

One of our most popular courses just got better!

Using the cutting edge HTC Vive, Minecrafters will create new content for the game they love, and experience it in virtual reality. This is made possible by Vivecraft.
Vivecraft is a mod that turns Minecraft into a full-featured VR room-scale experience that offers…

  • Full roomscale support: Walk around your room as you mine and build. Blocks in Minecraft are 1 meter in size. You’ll be amazed how big they really are!
  • World scaling: Scale your size in the world up or down. Play as an ant or a giant!
  • Break blocks and fight by really swinging your hands!
  • Shoot your bow realistically by drawing and aiming two-handed!
  • Pet animals, feed horses, fill buckets in room scale
  • Multiple VR locomotion options for your preferred play style:
  • Arc teleportation, with optional limitations for a balanced Survival-mode experience.
  • Free-movement in the direction you are pointing the controller or your head
  • Walkabout-style of rotation to use 100% room-scale movement (Experimental!)

Beginners will learn to create mods immediately, and share them with friends, by learning a fun and engaging program used to make modding Minecraft as simple and elegant as possible.

Intermediate students will focus on learning good coding habits in a Java environment, and learn to comment, use Java libraries, and integrate their modding ideas into a final design and creation of their own, unique, customized Mod for Minecraft. Topics covered include the creation of modding blocks, materials, items (including armor), tools, mobs/monsters, environment settings, and recipes. The instructor will walk them through step-by-step how to code each of these modifications. They will use the Java IDE Eclipse, a tool used by many in the software industry and modding community, to create their mods. Students will be able to create, test, and export their mods.

Advanced students will be able to take their modding with Java to new levels. With a focus developing core Java fundamentals and the ability to delve into built-in libraries, students will learn the skills necessary to create their own advanced features to the game of Minecraft. While our Beginner and Intermediate levels emphasize an understanding of existing blocks, entities, and items, the advanced class challenges students to bring brand new creations from their minds into the game using Java techniques, with the help and close guidance of our instructors.

*IMPORTANT: Participants are expected to already have their own Minecraft accounts for COMPUTERS (not tablet or XBox) – with a login and password!
If you don’t have a Minecraft account, follow these instructions to purchase one:
Get Minecraft Account

Ages:  9 – 14
Time:  9:00AM-4:00PM
Tuition:  $595
Location:  Mason Campus Fairfax

  • Be sure to check our policies and procedures regarding withdrawals, refunds and more for summer programs.
  • All students will receive a Welcome Letter via email at least 1 week before the program starts with all necessary details including drop off, pick up, what to bring, etc.
  • Questions about parking on the Fairfax campus?  Find answers here.  (Information on parking at Mason in Loudoun coming soon)


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